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I am terrified, but I am passionate.
For almost fifteen years, I have been writing songs. Privately.

I was raised by a family of musicians, and was saturated by a great menagerie of artists at an early age. My Dad would put on Frank Zappa, Eric Clapton or some Bob Dylan and then the next minute, my Mother would play Enya, Yanni or James Taylor.

In the 90’s, my parent’s owned a nightclub here in San Antonio, TX. I witnessed the entire process of how the bands were booked, watched the acts come in and perform, and loved seeing the whole process unfold. You would think that someone who was raised in such a musical environment would be out there playing show after show, but I’m not.

Music has been my personal keepsake. I love that it’s mine. I love that these songs are my thoughts, my words, my heart and soul. I’ve realized now that it’s selfish for me not to share it. So, I’m going to let you into this time capsule of mine. I’ve played these songs hundreds and hundreds of times in the comfort of my home, but now I’m stepping outside beyond these walls to play for you.

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A big congratulations to the Ulmer family! Baby Jackson was born yesterday and I’m oh so happy I was able to capture Rachel’s maternity photos. I always love working with this family and can’t wait to meet their adorable new addition. So excited for yall! Hugs hugs hugs!!!